Bringing Back the Spirit of Newspapers of Old with Unplugged – The Print Edition

Many, many years ago newspapers were vastly different from what we have today. Often papers would only be a few pages long, and stick to straightforward fact-based news reporting. Of course there were always opinion columns, but the line between opinion and news was clearly defined, unlike what we see in today’s news. That’s why we’re so happy to announce that for upcoming special events, we’ll be giving away Radio Free Hub City Unplugged – The Print Edition to bring back the spirit of yesterday’s newspapers.

Far too often, we find news with opinions injected as fact, blurring the lines and manipulating readers’ emotions to sway them towards a specific political or social point of view. Here at Radio Free Hub City, we strive to provide a neutral point of view in all of our articles, providing both sides of every store, and focusing on the positive and what’s good in our community. We feel this spirit has been lost with much modern-day news reporting, and we want to bring it back.

We’re going to start out small, and only offer Unplugged at local events at first – the first of which will be at the Interstate Rock Festival at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center. We’re super excited about this opportunity to help better serve the local community, and can’t wait to see where this goes.

Once we have sufficient sponsorship and interest, we’ll likely work with a few local businesses to get Unplugged distributed for free on a regular basis. But in the meantime, all news will still be accessible on our site – and unlike some news outlets we’ll never hide our news behind paywalls.

We hope our listeners and readers are just as excited as we are about this next step, and are looking forward to even more expansion in the future!

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