Only 15 days remain to download the RFHC iPhone App

On July 21, 2022, the Radio Free Hub City iPhone App will be discontinued due to increasing cost of maintaining apps on the Apple App Store.

Why are we doing this? Out of all of our listeners, iPhone is only a very small percentage. Unlike Android, Apple requires yearly subscription fees to keep apps on the iPhone/iPad marketplace – fees we simply can’t justify based on low adoption rates.

To add to this, Apple is now stepping up their enforcement of removing apps which haven’t been updated in two years. Our mobile apps were developed by a 3rd party contractor, who will charge us for any such updates. We have no reason to update our apps because they were designed to function and pull all content directly from our streaming server, with maximum compatibility with future versions of iOS. This arbitrary requirement of updating apps for no other reason is yet another financial burden on our business we simply can’t afford.

So, after much internal discussion we have decided to discontinue the RFHC iPhone/iPad app. The app will continue to function after download, but won’t be available for new users to purchase after July 21. So if you have an iPhone or iPad and want to be able to use the app, please download it before it’s too late.

Streaming of our station on iPhone and PC will still be available via our web player after July 21.

Thank you for understanding, and we hope you’ll continue to support Radio Free Hub City!

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