Instead of Throwing Away or Selling Your “Junk” to a Low-Ball National TV Show, Consider Donating for a Tax Write-off

The community recently found our that the “pickers” from a national TV show will be coming to town this June, and they want to buy YOUR stuff! We’re not going to name the show, but we all know which one it is. The “pickers” travel across the America and make extremely low-ball offers on stuff, then turn around and make an absolutely HUGE profit. This year, when the “pickers” come to town, tell them no thanks, and instead consider selling it yourself, or donating to a local charity where your donations can do the most good.

When there are things that are no longer being used, most people end up throwing them away, without realizing that this action is another factor for the uninterrupted increase of wastes in the world. In this article, you will realize that donating or sometimes selling items yourself is a much better thing to do in preference to throwing them away, or letting the “pickers” come make an extremely low offer. What should you part with? Anything that no longer serves you no longer earns a space in your life.

However, one obstacle when we talk about de-cluttering that most people face is choosing on what they can do with the things that they wish to be free from. Sad to tell, you can simply get confused when facing this dilemma to the point that a few people even get completely immobilized, and they end up failing to permit go of their things easily because they can never resolve where these should undoubtedly go.

When it comes to reducing the amount of wastes in the world today, do you know that you can help in your own way by donating or offering your stuff as a replacement of simply throwing them to the trash?

Donate or Sell Your Things for a Cleaner Future

So, how do you know if you can still sell or donate your clutter?

When to Donate

All people have their own sense of identifying what could be donated. anyhow, as far as donation is concerned, you can should give your “stuff” to local charities if:

-It still looks attractive, nothing rusty, tattered and the like.
-It is yet in proper working situation, with no require for any restore.
-It is yet in decent quality, with nothing that is basically junk.
-It is in good condition.
-It can still be sold but you can’t bring yourself to sell it.

When to Sell it Yourself

If you wish to de-clutter, you need to take in consideration some things before you can sell away your stuff.

-Is it a collectible? Have you looked on various auction sites to see if others are selling similar items?
-Do you have the time to bother yourself on organizing the sale? If so, sell it yourself!

When to Sell it to the Pickers

If you simply don’t have the time to sell something yourself, and don’t see the value in helping out local nonprofits, then ok, I guess, go ahead and sell your stuff to the pickers. However, watch at least one of their shows before you decide to do so, and see how much they pay the owners, vs. how much they make. You’ll find they offer owners quite low prices, and this may generate a lot of regret afterwards.

Final Thoughts on De-cluttering for a Cause

Donating and offering your stuff is not something that you should just do without mulling things over for the reason that if you just throw it all away, you will end up making the situation of waste in the world worse than when you started. But at the same time, wouldn’t it feel good knowing that your “junk” helped a local charity?

Both Horizon Goodwill and Salvation Army have local donation centers, and both support local causes, including job programs and helping the homeless. We’d like to encourage you to look at both, and consider them instead of selling to the “pickers”.

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