The “Pickers” are coming back to Maryland. Here’s why you shouldn’t deal with them.

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (1/18/2023) – Recently it was announced that the popular “pickers” show is coming back to Maryland. For those not familiar, the show features several “pickers” who pick through collectibles and other items in people’s garages and barns, offering them extremely lowball prices in order to resell the items for a hefty profit. Sometimes the prices are so low it should be considered predatory, and here’s some helpful alternatives to selling to the “pickers”.

Instead of Throwing Away or Selling Your “Junk” to a Low-Ball National TV Show, Consider Donating for a Tax Write-off

The community recently found our that the “pickers” from a national TV show will be coming to town this June, and they want to buy YOUR stuff! We’re not going to name the show, but we all know which one it is. The “pickers” travel across the America and make extremely low-ball offers on stuff, then turn around and make an absolutely HUGE profit. This year, when the “pickers” come to town, tell them no thanks, and instead consider selling it yourself, or donating to a local charity where your donations can do the most good.