Opinion: My Vaccine Injury – What Happened

The following was originally published on Ken’s personal blog, and is being republished here due to the relevance of the content.

First of all, I want you to know that I’m not a crazy anti-vaxxer. I’ve always been in support of vaccines, but was like many others, hesitant to get the COVID vaccine because it was so new, and so little time was available to study long-term side effects. This is my personal story of my ongoing struggle with adverse effects of the COVID vaccine. I am not a medical professional, this is not medical advice. In August, knowing that the Federal government was going to mandate the vaccine for employees and contractors, I received the J&J COVID vaccine. I don’t remember much from the following two weeks, other than being in immense pain, and being unable to think clearly. At some point a family member drove me to the ER, where they confirmed I was experiencing adverse effects of the vaccine, but were unable to provide me any relief other than “take Advil and stay hydrated”.

I’m still suffering. Four months later, I’m no longer in constant pain, but still do have “flashes” of pain, which is completely debilitating when it occurs. Additionally, I frequently suffer from “brain fog”, aka difficulty concentrating. This has on occasion impacted my ability to perform my job, but luckily I have understanding and caring coworkers who have helped me through it. And fortunately this happens much less now that I’ve found supplements which work to help repair my nervous system. (I can’t list them here, don’t want to be accused of practicing medicine without a license or some other foolishness)

I also have some permanent memory loss of events/skills prior to the vaccine. I have lost, among other things, my memories on how to troubleshoot and repair computer hardware. Fortunately I do not need to repair hardware in my current position, or this would have likely been career ending.

So what happened? I believe what happened in my case (but of course unable to confirm), because most nurses no longer aspirate IM vaccines, is that my vaccine was accidentally partially injected into my bloodstream. Note that this is now the standard for the medical field, as aspiration is considered no longer needed. Several hours later the spike protein used by the J&J vaccine pierced the blood-brain barrier and entered my nervous system. I’m just glad that after my initial 2 weeks of hell I was able to begin thinking clearly enough to comprehend medical whitepapers and figure out my own treatment strategy.

But someone’s responsible for this, right? The worst part about all of this is that even though I took the vaccine to keep my job as a Federal contractor, I have no recourse. The company did not mandate the vaccine, the Federal government did. But I cannot open a worker’s compensation claim against the Federal government, and my worker’s compensation claim against my employer was denied (as it should be, it isn’t my employer’s fault the Federal government is requiring the vaccine for contractors, a mandate which is now suspended in court).

My only possible compensation is my $350 copay, through the CICP. In order to obtain this copay, I would need to submit a full medical history, which to my knowledge no longer even exists because my doctor closed his practice years ago. I have always been extremely healthy, and because of that I never bothered to get a copy of my medical records. Never in my life did I ever expect to need a copy of my records to prove that I’ve been healthy all my life!

I tell you this not to seek pity, or financial assistance. 

The medical system failed me. The legal system failed me. I have been gaslighted and mocked, being told that either I had these neurological issues prior to my vaccine injury, or that I’m making this up. I wish I was making this up.

I have had friends reach out and try to offer me financial assistance, and every time I turn them down and point them to a GoFundMe for a friend who almost lost his life battling COVID.

I tell you this because the vaccines are not as safe as we have been led to believe. Vaccine injuries are more common than we’re being told by politicians and the media, and the proof of this is in the VAERS system. But most importantly, I tell you this because there are thousands of others out there, like me, who have similar stories. But they remain silent because when they speak up, they are bullied and gaslighted, just like I have been. So I don’t just speak for me. I speak for them.

So should people take the vaccine?

I still believe in vaccines. I even believe that people should make an informed decision to take (or not take) the COVID vaccine. But it needs to be their decision, and they need to know the full truth about the risks involved with either decision.

Many of us are struggling with the adverse effects of this vaccine. And all we want is to be believed, and to get our lives back to how they were before the vaccine.

This is an opinion article by managing editor, Ken Buckler. All opinions are his own, and do not reflect those of Radio Free Hub City or its clients.

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