Boo Activities

If you wish to get your neighbors in the Halloween spirit, remember to engage them in a small game known as “Boo!” It’s a popular game in some parts of the country, while in others, nobody has heard of it.

You might live in a neighborhood where you consider nobody will take part in a round robin kind of event as this, but you could be surprised. Sometimes throughout the holidays people will step up and get involved where before they wouldn’t. It’s probable, anyway.

The game goes something like this, and then will be explicated in more detail later. You print up some poems and directions on colorful paper (likely, orange). You get a treat bucket, or bowl or something and fill it with sweet. You can additionally “Boo” people with candles, Halloween socks, and surely whatever your imagination comes up with. You “Boo” two people at a time, leaving the items anonymously on their doorstep. You leave it with the directions and the poem and hope they “Boo” other neighbors. when you are done, you tape up a large “Boo!” on your door so neighbors know not to hit you up again.

Specifically, here’s how it’s done. take off this game around the extremely end of September or extremely beginning of October. If you wish until everyone is decorated for Halloween, you’re possibly too late. You wish this to spread around the neighborhood and that takes time, so you wish to take off it right as the season starts (or a small before, perhaps) and just as people are commencing to think about Halloween. If you take off too early, anyhow, you could be out of luck as far as being prepared to purchase items goes.

So, it’s the correct time of the year and you’re prepared to go. Find a “Boo” poem and photocopy it. There are multiple variations of the poem. Here is a sampling:

To our good friends on the street;
Our homes’ locations generated us meet;
You now have been Boo’d, but who would we be?
We’ll never mention, it’s a secret, you see.
We placed these goodies for you and yours;
Then we ran rapid, after knocking the door!
Happy Halloween!”

Or it could be a enormous longer, something like this:

“The air is nice, the season fall
Soon Halloween will come to all;
The neighbors are after things to do
In fact, a neighbor brought this to you;
“Boo” is a sign of friendship power
Just hang it up and watch it double by hour;
On your front door is where it works
It wards off solicitors and scary jerks;
The treat that came with friendly note
Are yours to keep; enjoy them both;
The power comes when friends like you
Copy this and make it two;
Then others here among our friends
Will give warm fuzzies that won’t end;
We’ll all have smiles upon our face
No one will know who “boo’ed” whose place;
Just one short day to share your Boo
You must be fast so they do not know who;
And do not forget a nifty treat
Like something cute or something sweet;
Please join the fun, let’s surely hear it
And spread a few “Boos” and neighborhood spirit!

Be sure to include a cute graphic of a ghost or something else that feels like it might mention “Boo!” You might wish to include a few details on the flyer about what should be completed next, in case you consider the poem itself will not be clear sufficient. Then attach the poem to the goodie bag, basket, anything you have created, and run out one night dropping your goodies on peoples’ doorsteps. If you are just getting this started in your neighborhood, remember to do more than 2 houses. You might find that a few people do not participate and in that case, you plan to have “Boo”ed sufficient people that you will get appropriate participation.

What you’re striving for is a neighborhood full of “Boo” doors by Halloween night!

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