Hagerstown Police Continue to Tackle Off-Road Vehicle Issue

Cover Image by Vedran Miletić.

HAGERSTOWN, MD – So far in 2022 the Hagerstown Police Department have confiscated 11 Off Road Vehicles, and issued 12 citations. Within the last 12 months, this brings the total off-road vehicles seized to 50 vehicles.

Off-road vehicles, including dirt bikes and four-wheelers, increasingly become an issue during warmer weather for Hagerstown residents. Recently residents have complained on social media regarding the riders in locations including Dual Highway and even the square in downtown.

The off-road vehicles provide a challenge to residents. Not only are the vehicles typically not insured in case of an accident, but they can cause considerable traffic issues.

The department has setup an online portal to submit evidence of off-road vehicles driven on city streets. The portal can be accessed through the Hagerstown Police Department’s website.

Residents can also provide additional concerns or suggestions to the Hagerstown City Council by emailing councilcomments@hagerstownmd.org or attending the a Council meeting and speaking during the citizen participation section. The next meeting with citizen participation is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26th.

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