The Guerilla Marketer Within

For little or no money there are countless ways you can explode your business and or traffic to your website in not time at all. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not hype, it’s not creative copy writing…

· Consumers prefer Guerilla Marketing over any over method of marketing

· How you can get new customers for $1  

· The truth about all the Guerilla Marketing Campaigns you’ve seen in the news

· Using your Bluetooth device to drive customers to your site or business for free

· Ingredients of a successful and not so successful Guerilla Marketing Campaign

· How you can dominate any niche market for well under $20    

· Why free advertising works much better than paid advertising

· The art of selling anything to anyone with Guerilla Marketing    

· How an offline mailing list will run circles around any online mailing list

· The perfect Guerilla Marketing method for any business, on or offline

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