William Tecumseh Sherman knew the enduring cruelty of war

Mitchell G. Klingenberg, United States Army War College It is doubtful the tragic devastation of the Russia-Ukraine War would surprise William Sherman were he alive today. The iconic U.S. Army soldier was a student of war at home and abroad. Sherman, who lived from 1820 to 1891, concluded that war – what the Prussian militaryContinue reading “William Tecumseh Sherman knew the enduring cruelty of war”

The History of the iPod Podcast

What is now called a podcast traces its origins to thefirst ipod podcasts, the creation of distributed mp3 filesthat could be downloaded and played on Apple’s musicplayer, the iPod. When the iPod came out, and usersdiscovered what a wonderful thing it was for holdingmusic, some people had the idea of loading things thatweren’t necessarily songs.Continue reading “The History of the iPod Podcast”