U.S. Army medical team helps Smithsonian National Zoo to protect endangered Red Pandas

FREDERICK (Fort Detrick), MD News (12/13/2022) – A U.S. Army medical team contributed to an investigation into the cause of death of a Red Panda at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI).

Collaboration ensures focus on sustainment for new Army medical devices

FREDERICK (FORT DETRICK), MD News (10/28/2022) – Collaboration between U.S. Army medical materiel developers and sustainers means that new devices fielded to the warfighter not only provide the required capabilities, but also longevity and durability in the field, as well as value to the American taxpayer.

Soldier to civilian: Continuing to serve

Frederick (Fort Detrick), MD News (9/21/2022) – In one of his first assignments as a biomedical equipment specialist, Jorge Magana quickly learned the importance of his job in a very personal way.

Ramos, a former deputy commander for support at USAMMA prior to his retirement, has been with AMLC since the command’s creation in 2019, when the former Medical Research and Materiel Command was dissolved, and parts of the organization were split between AMLC and the current Medical Research and Development Command.

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