Hagerstown & Western MD Business Spotlight

For Local Businesses and Non-Profits that ROCK

Business owners know marketing is key, but industry pricing can be discouraging, especially for new small businesses and non-profits. Radio Free Hub City knows you’re building something great for the community, and we’re here to help!

For select Hagerstown and Western Maryland businesses and non-profits, we’re happy to announce our new, 100% FREE marketing program.

As Featured On Radio Free Hub City
As Featured On Radio Free Hub City Graphic

How it works: We add a short page to our website featuring your business, and link it to your website. In exchange, you include the RFHC “As Featured On…” graphic on your website and link to the article.

How it helps you: Having “As Featured On…” graphics adds more credibility to your business, and the spotlight article provides a 3rd party validation of your business, helping to increase the likelihood that someone will do business with you.

How it helps us: By having links from local businesses pointing back to our website, we’ll rank higher on search engines, amplifying the reach of our local news and entertainment for Hagerstown and Western Maryland.

Ready to get started? Send an email to rfhc@adexec.com with the subject “Business Spotlight” and we’ll be happy to discuss further.

Program FAQ:

Does my business qualify?

Maybe! We prefer to work with local businesses in Hagerstown, MD and the surrounding area which are properly registered and licensed with the State of Maryland, and have an active website. There are a few business types we can’t include:

  • Adult Toys/Videos/Etc.
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and associated Paraphernalia Manufacturers and Distributors (CBD OKAY!)
  • Unlicensed or unregistered businesses
  • Direct news publishing competitors in the Hagerstown area market (we’ll still consider local news publishers who aren’t direct competitors but similar)
  • Political campaigns or political action committees
  • Businesses which do not have a website
  • Businesses whose website is a subdomain, such as mybizsite.wordpress.com or myawesomebiz.wix.com

We reserve the right to decline businesses for any reason whatsoever, or remove listings in the future if we deem necessary due to a business’ conduct.

Can I Just Post the Graphic and Link on Social Media Instead of My Website?

Unfortunately for this free program to work properly as being mutually beneficial, links must be posted on a top level domain for maximum benefit for both parties.

However, if you’re still interested in a sponsored article, we’re happy to discuss pricing.

Can I Re-Post the Featured Page on my Website? What about print copies?

The page remains the property of Radio Free Hub City, and therefore cannot be redistributed without authorization. However, we are happy to discuss licensing options for additional distribution channels, and full length featured articles.

I Have a Band or Other Musical Artist? Can I Join?

YES! We’re happy to include musicians and bands in this program, and they have their own page under Featured Artists.

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