Bringing Old Sound Back to Life

Classic Static and History Time Machine bring back to life old sound recordings. The shows feature classic vintage voice parts and music by legendary artists, hosted by DJ Warbuckler.

These sounds are in public domain, and date back to some of the earliest days of recorded sound. You can listen on your iPhone or Android for free by downloading our mobile app, or listen online.

Classic Static is approximately 30 minutes, and airs daily at 1 PM, only on Radio Free Hub City, starting 8/12/2021.

The first episode of History Time Machine is currently in pre-production. History Time Machine will look not at music, but at sounds throughout history. Our first episode will look at the early days of recording, and transmitting, sound. We may even use the Time Machine to travel to the future, and imagine what life may be like exploring the solar system. Science and history nerds like DJ Warbuckler will absolutely love this show.

History Time Machine will also be 30 minutes, and air daily at 1:30 PM, immediately following Classic Static. History Time Machine will only be available on Radio Free Hub City.

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