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The Radio Free Hub City Print Edition is provided as a brief outline of what’s going on in the community, and what we’re currently covering. The Print Edition is printed on-demand for special events to help keep the community informed of what’s going on. We hope you enjoy this special print edition of Radio Free Hub City, and hope you’ll check us out on the web at RadioFreeHubCity.com

NASA crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid – photos show the last moments of the successful DART mission

In a world first, NASA has crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid in an attempt to push the rocky traveler off its trajectory. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test – or DART – is meant to test one potential approach that could prevent an asteroid from colliding with Earth. David Barnhart is a professor of astronautics at the University of Southern California and director of the Space Engineering Research Center there. He watched NASA’s live stream of the successful mission and explains what is known so far.

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Oct 14 – Fort Ritchie Farmers Market
Oct 15 – Smithsburg Fun Run
Oct 27 – Maryland State Police Hagerstown Barrack Trunk or Treat
Oct 31 – Hagerstown Trick-or-Treat

Hurricane Ian to bring Wind, Rain to Hagerstown Area

Hagerstown, MD News (9/30/2022) – Hurricane Ian is currently a CAT I hurricane, off the coast of South Carolina. The hurricane is moving at 9 MPH, and will result in a rainy, windy weekend for the greater Hagerstown area.

Thunder in the Square to Close Several Hagerstown Roads

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/30/2022) – Tonight starting at 4:30 pm, several streets in downtown Hagerstown will be closed for “Thunder in the Square”, a classic car show by the Alsatia Club that takes over downtown. Residents should plan on arriving early if they wish to view the car show.

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Hub City Hood Proud T-Shirt

HAGERSTOWN, MD – In response to recent accusations that the new skate park is being ruined by “the hood”, we’re releasing a new t-shirt design.

“The hood ruins everything!” –Anonymous Social Media Commenter

Show your hood proud in the hub city with these stylish t-shirts.

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Smithsburg Traffic Line Painting Tonight

SMITHSBURG, MD News (9/29/2022) – Contractors will be line painting in the town’s limits this evening. The contractor has requested that residents park as close to the curb as possible this evening, to enable the contractor to paint the traffic lines.

DJ Bizzy – Rock & Roller Skates

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/28/2022) – Mark “DJ Bizzy” Smith has rocked stages, red carpets, and events the world over. Though he can regularly be found entertaining the crowd at some of the hottest clubs in D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and beyond, Bizzy doesn’t let success go to his head. In fact, DJ Bizzy is an unsung hometown hero, and is still locally spinning records at Turner’s Skate Palace.

Hurricane hunters are flying through Ian’s powerful winds to get the forecasts you rely on – here’s what happens when the plane plunges into the eyewall of a storm

As Hurricane Ian intensifies on its way toward the Florida coast, hurricane hunters are in the sky doing something almost unimaginable: flying through the center of the storm. With each pass, the scientists aboard these planes take measurements that satellites can’t and send them to forecasters at the National Hurricane Center.

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City of Hagerstown Seeks Photos & Information for Creating Wheaton Park Historical Panels

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (9/26/2022) – The City of Hagerstown continues to move forward with the construction of Phase I of improvements at Wheaton Park. The master plan is based on the community input received earlier this year.

The project includes installing two historic panels to be located in the plaza, one about the park’s history and one about the house and its past tenants/caretakers. As part of that process, photos and information helping to detail and tell the story of both are being accepted now through Friday, October 21.

David Trone vs. Neil Parrott – The 2022 Maryland Congressional Election Rematch

Western Maryland News (9/26/2022) – David Trone and Neil Parrott faced off in the 2020 Maryland 6th Congressional District election, resulting in Trone defeating Parrott by over 70,000 votes. While some may say that Parrott will meet a similar defeat this November, a lot has changed in two years, including the congressional district lines themselves.

Exploring Crystals, Their Practical Applications, and Possible Healing Powers

HAGERSTOWN, MD – For over a year, local business KnS SnS Mystic Crystals & Stones has been providing unique creations touched by mother nature herself – crystals and minerals of amazing shapes, sizes, and quality. But what are crystals and minerals, and why are we so fascinated by them? In addition to their beauty, as well as their practical applications in electronics such as radios, computers, and watches, some believe crystals may even possess healing powers.

Maryland Mail-In Votes to Be Counted Before Election Day

ANNAPOLIS, MD News (9/23/2022) – The Maryland State Board of Elections announced that the state courts have reached a decision which will allow local elections officials across the State to begin canvassing mail-in ballots on October 1.

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