Nature is the world’s original pharmacy – returning to medicine’s roots could help fill drug discovery gaps

While humans evolved over a period of approximately 6 million years, breakthroughs in modern medicine as we know it today got going only in the 19th and 20th centuries. So how did humans successfully survive through millions of years of diseases and illnesses without modern drugs and treatments?

Making music at a distance – how to come together online to spark your creativity

People are social creatures. While many of us are making the best of social isolation, we’re much better together than apart. This is especially true with music that we create collectively – everything from jam bands and choruses to orchestras. Music connects us to each other and to our spiritual lives and can magnify our collective creativity.

To search for alien life, astronomers will look for clues in the atmospheres of distant planets – and the James Webb Space Telescope just proved it’s possible to do so

e habitable zone of a star 40 light-years from Earth and may have water and clouds, as depicted in this artist’s impression. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Wikimedia Commons
To search for alien life, astronomers will look for clues in the atmospheres of distant planets – and the James Webb Space Telescope just proved it’s possible to do so
Published: July 14, 2022 8.34am EDT
Chris Impey
University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, University of Arizona

Daniel Apai
Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona

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The ingredients for life are spread throughout the universe. While Earth is the only known place in the universe with life, detecting life beyond Earth is a major goal of modern astronomy and planetary science.

James Webb Space Telescope: An astronomer explains the stunning, newly released first images

The James Webb Space Telescope team has released the first science-quality images from the new telescope. In them are the oldest galaxies ever seen by human eyes, evidence of water on a planet 1,000 light-years away and incredible details showing the birth and death of stars. Webb’s purpose is to explore origins – of the universe, of galaxies, of stars and of life – and the five images released on July 12, 2022, make good on that promise.

How corporate takeovers are fundamentally changing podcasting

At first glance, it may seem as though Big Tech can’t figure out how to make money off its foray into podcasting.

In early May 2022, Meta announced that it was abruptly ending Facebook’s podcast integration less a year after it launched. Facebook had offered podcasters the ability to upload their shows to the social media site. Meanwhile, Spotify’s own expensive gamble on podcast integration within its music streaming service hasn’t resulted in the surge of new listeners that it had hoped.

What’s behind the enduring popularity of crystals?

As New York City mayor Eric Adams attends ribbon cuttings, marches in parades and bulldozes dirt bikes, he wears an energy stone bracelet that his supporters gave him. In a recent interview, Adams discussed his belief that New York City has a “special energy” because it sits atop a store of rare gems and stones – the so-called “Manhattan schist,” which is over 450 million years old and contains over 100 minerals.

Why the Supreme Court’s football decision is a game-changer on school prayer

Charles J. Russo, University of Dayton The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently banned school-sponsored prayer in public schools. At the same time, lower courts have generally forbidden public school employees from openly praying in the workplace, even if no students are involved. Yet on June 27, 2022, the Supreme Court effectively gave individual employees’ prayerContinue reading “Why the Supreme Court’s football decision is a game-changer on school prayer”