Sexually Explicit Content – Enough to Permanently Block an Email Address, but Okay for Books in Public Schools?

HAGERSTOWN, MD News (11/27/2022) – Effective immediately, Radio Free Hub City will no longer solicit comment from involved boards or councils of elected officials before publishing articles. This policy is in direct response to an incident which resulted in our email address being permanently blocked by the email provider, because apparently the content of our emails were sexually explicit enough to trigger spam filters, but this same content is perfectly acceptable in school libraries according to WCPS.


The Highway Department performs all types of road maintenance to the county’s road system including but not limited to patching, resurfacing, stabilization of dirt roads, keeping ditch lines clear of debris, mowing along county right of ways, mowing storm water management ponds, snow and ice removal, line striping, signal maintenance and signing of County roads both regulatory and directional.