RFHC Business Software Empowers Local Small Businesses

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HAGERSTOWN, MD – Radio Free Hub City has launched its Business Software offerings, empowering local small businesses to improve productivity and sales. The initial launch includes “Project Manager”, “Instant Content Creator”, and “Turbo Video Genie”, three separate software offerings which are included as part of RFHC’s Community Biz Hub Gold Membership.

A powerful tool for local small businesses, Community Biz Hub Gold Membership provides valuable resources, including training, ebooks, and software, at an extremely affordable cost.

Currently, local small businesses can obtain access for only a one time payment of $99.95. This lifetime membership gives businesses access to current as well as future content.

As membership grows, as well as the content library, RFHC will need to increase membership costs, so it’s important to purchase now before prices increase.

Radio Free Hub City remains dedicated to being more than just an Internet radio station, and is your local business partner for training and resources.

This is a sponsored article, and Radio Free Hub City receives a commission for all sales.

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